Sunday, November 26, 2006

Anniversary for Cyclone The Club

“The Club changed Dubai’s history on 15th December 1994, becoming a pioneer of independent night clubs in the UAE, with a chain present worldwide, including USA, Europe, South East Asia and the Far East.”

The Cyclone has posters up saying that it will be having a big anniversary party on 15th December with “free” food before midnight. I say “free” because the cover will be around £12. They have also put out brochures giving the history quoted above.

I decided to see if Google could locate any of the other Cyclones, but “Cyclone The Club” only returned two, one in Dubai and one in Mumbai. “Cyclone” turned up a lot of establishments in Iowa, where a popular sports team is called The Cyclones, and many of their fan clubs call themselves Cyclone. But I didn’t see anything like the Dubai Cyclone anywhere else.

For which the rest of the world is probably grateful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're gonna have to face it, your addicted to the cyclone!!

At least you admit it!!

7:08 pm  

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