Thursday, November 16, 2006

How to get from Dubai to Sharjah without Driving

A few years ago, I travelled regularly to Sharjah to visit Ron. There was always a bus (or a line of busses) waiting for travellers at four places in Dubai that I knew of, and the cost was about €1.

Now, the Sharjah terminals for the legal inter-Emirates bus service generally have long queues of passengers waiting for a bus, which is conspicuous by its absence. This leaves three legal alternatives:

  1. Wait for two hours.

  2. Pay at least €10 for a taxi.

  3. Decide that the trip to Sharjah isn't really necessary.

There is, of course, one more alternative readily available from at least one of the terminals: The price is the same as the legal inter-Emirates bus, but the vehicle is far less comfortable, the driving is reminiscent of a ride on a switchback, and there is always the other danger of being pulled over by the constabulary. But if you gotta go, and you don't have €10, what else can you do?


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