Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Up and across

Not long ago I saw the movie, 'Up;' yesterday, I had a part to play in it.

In the movie, a crotchety old man is approached by a young boy who must assist an elderly person in order to get an essential badge to advance in a strange organisation that is somewhat like The Boy Scouts, only different for purposes of making a movie.

And yesterday, as I was waiting to cross a busy street, an Emirati shebab gently took my arm and said, 'Please, sir, let me help you cross the street.'

While I strive to achieve excellence in my crotchetiness, I could see that the shebab needed his merit badge, so I let him help me across.

'Where are you going?' he asked.

'Well, sonny,' I replied, trying to effect a toothless accent, ''mmm on mmm' way to Wafi.'

'I'm going to Wafi. I'll help you,' the shebab offered.

After awhile, he released my arm, and, shortly thereafter, I looked back and saw that he had stopped in his progress toward Wafi, seeing that I seemed quite capable of making it on my own, so I called back, 'Thanks greatly,' and continued on my way, trusting that he'll get his badge. He certainly deserves it.



Blogger nzm said...

At least he didn't end up on a front porch suspended under a flotilla of gas balloons!

1:50 pm  

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