Thursday, April 27, 2006

Change of Seasons

The UAE has a full, four-season climate: warm, hot, unbearable, and summer.

Today, I was watching a thermometer as it rose about 100 (for you Americans and older persons from English speaking countries), and another as it rose above 40 (for the rest of you), two of my little milestones.

Daytime highs will hover between 40 and 49 for the next six or seven months.

Still, tour guides will show the sunny beaches, and mention the Dubai Summer Surprises (surprise, it's 47 today), and European tourists will still flock to Dubai.


Blogger nzm said...

You forgot the sunny and sandy beaches - only the sand will be in the air and not underfoot!

Aircon hopping will once more become the summer sport of choice.

2:26 pm  
Blogger grapeshisha said...

I like the surprise analogy, especially when they come out of the airport aircon and for the first time they are engulfed in a waft of humidity. You somehow even expect a little girl to come out from nowhere, with a gleaming smile and shout "SURPRISE" in a high pitched voice. The second surprise is being stuck in a taxi with a sweaty taxi driver. And the third is that your hotel is next to a construction site, and they can only work between 10pm and midday.

3:42 pm  
Blogger CG said...

and your 4th surprise will be a 'how much?' offering if you are blonde.

12:10 pm  

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