Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rumours of The Lodge

According to The Desert Weasel, they are bulldozing/have bulldozed The Lodge. I had lunch there today. None of the staff had heard anything about any plans to bring on the demolition crews, none had received notice, and all were planning the various evening events that will take place over the next several months or so (evenings at The Lodge are too loud, too expensive, and too late for me, but de gustibus).

The Lodge staff asked me if the message had been posted on 1 April, which would explain a lot, but it was a week too late for that. I know the printed 'newspapers' here are unreliable, but I thought the blogs were better than that.

So, for now, lunch at The Lodge is three courses: soup or salad, main, and dessert, with three to five choices for each. Today, the first course choices were chicken soup, calamari, or cucumber and strawberry salad; main course was lamb, fish, chicken or spinach pie; and dessert was cake, ice cream, flan or fruit salad. With beverage. All for €5.50.

The Lodge is part of Al NasrLeisureland, which includes football fields, cricket fields, tennis, ice skating, a water park (possibly abandoned, I can see it towering over the wall, but can't see any kids on the slides), a South Indian (not Bollywood) cinema, and at least three restaurant/nightclub complexes that don't seem to talk to each other. The Lodge website (a website in a box, just type your name in and it's up and running) lists a Thai, Tahiti, Cheers (where they serve the lunch), an Equator (whatever that is), a Scottish poolhall, and a nightclub. At least one of these is outside, but I'm not sure which one.

Next to The Lodge is a Goan restaurant and club. Around the corner (but still on the same beverage license) is a Chinese, an Indian, and the infamous Cyclone. The posting that bulldozers are approaching The Lodge included all of Al Nasr in their path of demolition, but the staff at The Lodge said they only knew about the Lodge restaurants, not about the football fields, movie, ice skating, or any of the other restaurants or clubs that are part of the complex. So maybe all or part of the rest are indeed under the axe. Or not.

If I see Al Nasr Leisureland being demolished, I'll post the eulogy here.


Blogger Seabee said...

I read somewhere that Al Nasr cinema is what's coming down, to be replaced by a hotel.

10:34 pm  
Blogger CG said...

I skated there the day they first opened. It was fantastic...we thought we had died and gone to Disney...Dubai was then the proud owner of a shopping mall (Al Ghurair Centre) and an ice rink.

Those were the days.

1:44 pm  

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