Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Burj Dubai on BBC World Business Report

I was channel surfing last night. (I'd been watching the US-Czech World Cup game, left the public viewing venue when the outcome became obvious, but then I became insatiably curious as to just how badly the US had finally lost.)

Instead, I found the BBC World Service doing a report on the Burj Dubai (requisite BBC translation, Dubai Tower).

They said it would be over 700 meters tall, with the distinctive Islamic architecture style. It will need more than 70 new, very high speed lifts.

From the upper viewing deck, (which will be open to the public for a substantial fee) visitors will be able to see Iran.

I think the last is a bit optimistic, given the rising levels of pollution, but, in the unlikely event that there is a clear day, that might be correct. (I understand the CIA has already booked a large space, and MI-5 has arranged to sub-lease a section from them. I assume, MI-5 will be paying the CIA in elan, as they do in all the Sean Connery movies.)

I came to Dubai because it was a part of the world I'd never heard of. Now I can't seem to read a Western newspaper or watch a Western TV station without hearing about Dubai.


Blogger CG said...

Many moons ago we used to talk of our lovely Dubai, and we called it the worlds best kept secret.
Now the secret is out. And Dubai has gone. I find myself remembering those days, when one travelled overseas and would say that we lived in Saudi just to stop hearing 'where is that?' all the time.

I want to get on a plane to Dubai...my heart yearns for it. Only it no longer exists, it has been replaced by the plastic city that cares on steroids.

6:50 pm  

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