Friday, June 09, 2006

Bombay Woodlands 2

In deepest, darkest Karama are a string of vegetarian restaurants. I am (usually) a vegetarian, and, given that I only speak English, I am not conviced of my ability to order a vegetarian dish in a non-vegetarian restaurant. So I (usually) stick with the vegetarian restaurants. Last night, I went to Bombay Woodlands.

[NB: The local papers review restaurants that pay them, and where diners pay at least €10. I review restaurants that do not pay, and where diners would consider €10 to be outrageous.]

Bombay Woodlands had a Dosa special a few months ago, with up to 20 dosas (I managed to eat about 12). Now they have a Biriani special, though my Hindi expert told me that 'biriani always has meat; pulao is vegetarian.' But, apparently, there is vegetarian biriani.

I had the thali. Bombay Woodlands has Limited Thali for €1.25, Unlimited Madras Thali for €1.75, Unlimited Royal Thali for €2.25, and Limited Punjabi Thali, also for €2.25. Bombay is a long way from Madras and the Punjab, so I'm not sure how accurate those thali are; anyway, I had the Royal. I'm not sure how Royal it was, but it was a good thali.

It started with a yellow-orange soup with croutons. I had to ask what it was. 'It's tomato soup, sir.' It didn't look or taste like any tomato soup I've ever had, but it was good.

Then the thali came. My French uncle said no meal was complete without bread, and my Chinese college roommate said no meal was complete without rice. I've taken a Chinese friend with me into an Indian restaurant, and he said the rice did not qualify. I suspect a Frenchman would say the same about the bread. Still, the thali provided both rice and bread.

The thali had about four more soups (besides the tomato), plus yoghurt, buttermilk, and three non-soupy vegetables. As I emptied each stainless steel cup, it was re-filled. One vegetable is a gourd that is very good for Type II diabetes, since it has no calories and a diet of this gourd must lead to lower BMI and better diabetes control. I couldn't eat it. As I said, this gourd leads to a lower BMI.

When I couldn't eat another bite, they brought out ice cream and fresh fruit.

Not only will no one ever walk away hungry from Bombay Woodlands, no one will ever walk away: I had to waddle home last night. And all for €2.25.

If only Dubai rents had remained so reasonable.


Blogger CG said...

aaaaaaaaah was that you rolling down the road then?

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Blogger Liza said...

I am considering a move to Dubai this year (job depending) and am delighted there appears to be a number of places serving masala dosa - I would appear to be a bit of a fanatic! I am currently in Hove and there are just two places you can get them, one is overpriced and the other, well...there is only so many times I can go without getting embarrassed!

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