Friday, May 19, 2006

Faysal (con't)

Faysal came by a few days ago. He'd invited me to dinner at some restaurant in Dubai, but then he bought us two goat schwarma (i.e., goat burgers), then drove me to his home. On the way he said, 'Don't tell my wife, but I bought a Uzbeki lady for €1,100.'

I've heard of men keeping mistresses in apartments across town, but the Uzbeki lady is currently residing at Faysal's with his wife and kid. This I haven't heard of.

'I didn't really buy the Uzbeki lady. A friend did, but the apartment he's preparing for her isn't ready, so she's staying at my place for now. You want her? I'm sure she'd be happy to do you for €5.'

I declined the offer.

When we got to Faysal's place, the lady turned out not to be from Uzbekistan, but from one of the pieces (Dagestan) that are still part of Russia. Her name is a thoroughly Slavic name that neither Faysal nor I can pronounce.

When I arrived, and until I left, she sat watching TV (they were watching "Charmed") with Faysal's wife. What else she does, I do not know. Faysal says she's not a maid, he's just giving her a place to stay until his friend has an apartment ready for her.

I heard her talking pidgen on her mobile, and it's a pidgen I recognize (but don't understand). As best I could tell, she was trying to set up several assignations (whatever they are). But, as I said, while I recognize the pidgen, I don't understand any of it.

I asked Faysal about his legal problems, and he said that, for just €28,000 he fixed everything and is back in business.

And, after "Charmed" and a few more programs, he dropped me back at my home.

And I'm still not sure what's going on with Faysal.


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