Friday, March 17, 2006

Gulf Stock Markets

In 2005, most Gulf stock markets were up 100%. For 2006, most are down by 50%. Leaving a tidy profit? At least for the brokers.

The local newspapers report that many Gulf wives are complaining that, since the crash, their husbands are 'unable to perform their marital duties.' Coming from the West, I assume the husbands' marital duties are 1) taking out the garbage; and 2) mowing the lawn.

Only they don't have lawns in the desert, so I have no idea what marital duties the husbands are unable to perform.

But whatever they are, Gulf wives are very upset, and want the governments to 'fix' the stock markets, so the stock markets can't 'fix' their husbands.


Blogger samuraisam said...

wonderful blog, you are now on my RSS reader and side bar

10:34 am  
Blogger samuraisam said...

I added you to the UAE community blogroll (right column), if you'd like access for posting etc please email with an e-mail address I can send the invitation to.

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Blogger grapeshisha said...

A local lady I know said that her husband no longer buys her presents, because he lost it all on the haram gambling stock market!

Great blog, btw.

1:15 am  
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you remind me of elcondo .. :)

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