Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dosa Mela in Dubai

I was introduced to the Masala Dosa back in 2000 by a Dosa fanatic. A masala dosa is an Indian crepe wrapped around curried potatoes (or some other masala) and served with a coconut chutney. All for €1.

Last month, a vegetarian restaurant started offering up to 20 Dosa (called a dosa mela) for €2. That's a lot of Dosa. They have, in addition to the Masala dosa, dosas filled with spinach, onion, and puri. They also have Chinese dosa, Spring dosa and at least fourteen more kinds of dosa which the waiter failed to name. The chef cooks a round of one kind of dosa, preparing one for each person in the room. The last round was onion, and everyone else was finished, so he offered me all of them, but I only managed one. Ten dosa for the price of 2, and I was only half way through the special, but I was done. I waddled home.

They promise that, if the diner is still hungry after 20 dosas, there is unlimited sambar soup, but I didn't see anyone order any extra soup.

I don't see how anyone could possibly eat all 20 dosa, but I suppose there are people who can. After all, there are people who can eat 2 kg of steak in an hour. Of course, steak people rarely eat dosa, and dosa people never eat steak, but still, I'm sure that proves there are people who can make it through all 20 dosa and ask for more soup. Or even another dosa mela.

Pity my dosa fanatic left back in 2002. If she comes back to Dubai, I hope she tries the Bombay Woodlands in Karama.


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