Monday, February 20, 2006

Dubai Haute Cuisine

The typical (Hindu) Indian restaurant in Dubai has what is called thali, which means all the vegetarian curry, rice, and bread you can eat, for around €1.75 (€2.00 with tea). (Actually, that's curries, since there is a selection of at least seven, one of which is sweet, but all of which taste like curry.)

Of couse, one can spend much more than this in Dubai: sub-continental cuisine is by far the cheapest around.

Some Muslim Indian restaurants offer a thali with meat, but the price is a bit higher. Most Pakistani restaurants sell by the dish, not a thali, for as little as €1.00, or a mutton sandwich (in the form of a Greek giro, in Arabic shwarma) for €0.50.

Friday, I ate in an upscale Egyptian restaurant, where the meal was €35.00 per person, not including a few puffs on a hooka, which would have added €5.00.

In the (Western Oriented) hotels, meals can easily cost €100.00 or more.

But in the small Indian restaurants, not in a mall or hotel, €2.00 buys more food than one can comfortably eat*.

And, since I normally spend €2.50 on ingredients when I cook for myself, I don't see how they do it.

*Actually, both my parents agreed that, curry being curry, €0.02 buys more curry than one can comfortably eat, but my tastes are a bit broader than theirs were, which is fortunate, since my pocketbook is a good deal narrower.


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