Wednesday, February 08, 2017

The UAE (and China, and maybe India) say they are going 'green'. The UAE has lots of solar projects under way.  Dubai has the best public transportation system I've ever seen (clean, air conditioned, comfortable, and safe).

China, now smothering under smog, is hoping to replace 30% of coal by the end of this year, and eliminate coal ASAP.

Meanwhile, the US has a new and much improved president who promises to bring coal back, to bring back the millions of coal mining jobs lost: many millions of coal miners were replaced by a few thousand engineers who programme the coal mining machines, and the US president blames this job loss on stupid regulations he plans to cancel. Those removed regulations (e.g., a stupid ban on dumping the waste from coal mining into potable streams, since safe drinking water must be eradicated to bring jobs back) will greatly enhance profits for coal mine owners, who still won't employ anyone without a Masters in Coal Mining who can programme the machines.