Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Marxist History

One of my friends is a Marxist. He sent me the Marxist version of a well-known historical event. It was completely at variance with newspaper reports, other primary sources, and all non-Marxist historians.

I complained.

He replied, 'Marxist history uses the Marxist dialectic materialistic scientific principles. So it is the correct history. All other historians, since they do not use the dialectic materialistic scientific principles are either wrong, because they are mistaken, or deliberately wrong because they are just the tools of the Capitalists.'

I'm afraid that, while I'm not an historian, I approve of the use of primary sources to ascertain what really happened, especially newspapers, letters, government documents, and similar sources.

But, of course, Marxist history doesn't need any of that, since Marx explains in detail the scientific method for determining what really happened.

So I wrote back a Phillipic, and my Marxist friend has stopped all correspondence.


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