Monday, December 10, 2007

Iranian Supercomputer

The US has insisted on a complete blockade of Iran, since Iran is clearly a terrorist state. Iran has been bombing civilian neighbourhoods, shooting civilians in their homes, torturing people it suspects of not supporting its policies, and building a massive nuclear arsenal. Or was that another nation in another hemisphere?

In spite of the blockade, Iran claims to have constructed a supercomputer. The Iranians claim that this computer was constructed to 'predict Iranian weather,' but, since Iranians have no need to predict their weather, this is clearly a cover for some nefarious purpose.

Iran used the 'Build a Home Supercomputer Kit,' produced in the US with some additional parts from Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan. No one in the US could have sold such a kit to Iran, at least not without a visit from the DHS.

However, it seems that a Dubai corporation that specializes in import/export was allowed to purchase the kit and resell it.

And the DHS didn't ask Dubai any embarrassing questions.



Blogger nzm said...

Heh - probably taken by those high speed boats out of Khasab across the Strait of Hormuz into Iran!

4:20 pm  

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